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1 first or lowest balcony [syn: first balcony]
2 intermediate floor just above the ground floor [syn: mezzanine floor]

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  • /ˈmɛzəˌniːn/, /"mEz@%ni:n/


  1. A balcony in an auditorium.
  2. A sub-floor, in between main floors of a building.
    On our way to the top floor, we stopped at the mezzanine.




  1. Fulfilling an intermediate or secondary function.
    To make interconnections easier, we added a mezzanine PCB.

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Mezzanine may refer to:
  • Mezzanine (architecture), an intermediate floor between main floors of a building
  • mezzanine board, an extension of a motherboard
  • In technology, a mezzanine can refer to a thin sheet of plastic insulating different parts of circuitry from each other in cramped environments, such as laptop interiors
  • Mezzanine capital, a form of finance sometimes used in specific financial transactions
  • Mezzanine loan, an unsecured (or weakly secured) loan made to startup companies and other businesses
  • Mezzanine (album), a 1998 album by Massive Attack
  • The Mezzanine, a 1988 novel by Nicholson Baker
  • Mezzanine (magazine), a magazine published in San Francisco
  • Mezzanine Assets are digital assets created in an intermediate step, especially in the video and broadcast industry
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